Jun 23, 2010

Lip-Smacking Listening

As I announced with a mix of nerves and excitement back in April, I've returned to broadcasting -a big passion of mine, and a world I feel infinitely comfortable and happy in.

Among the many, many interviews I've done since then, there are a few that stand out as favorites. I'll be posting a few of them in the next wee while. Here's the first. It's a chat with food journalist and educator Lucy Waverman and was originally aired on Take 5 in mid-May. There are some great recipe tips and tricks here, particularly with regards to yummy, easy method in preparing fresh fish.


A Year in Lucy's Kitchen by CateKusti


DivaJulia said...

This was a LOVELY piece of conversation...about my favorite things. Food and MENUS. I have a THING for reading menus--is it just me?

Fantastic piece.

xo j

George said...

If you could give us a link to download...thank you.